Beach life in Hoi An


After chaotic China and landlocked Laos, we were hankering after some beach action and Hoi An, bless it’s soul, did not disappoint. The beautiful An Bang beach was a 20 minute bike ride from our hotel and for the next five days…and then three more days…and then two more days…we peddled though the rice paddy fields to the ocean, our baskets laden with suncream and rum.


It was here we learned the Vietnamese have a slightly different attitude towards sunshine and find it astonishing that anyone would voluntarily visit the beach after 5am (when the locals have their morning swim) or before 6pm. Waitresses on the beach would greet and serve us covered from head to toe in socks, shoes, trousers, hoodies, WOOLY GLOVES, hats and bandanas – in 30 degree heat.


In Vietnam (and most of SE Asia), its all about skin whitening and virtually impossible to purchase suncream lower than SPF 50. In fact, most of the suncream for sale had “whitener” in it already, a little disheartening for us pasty Brits. While Europe is spending millions getting browner, Asia is doing the same to get whiter.


Still, when the local beers are less than a pound we weren’t complaining. We spent ten days in beach heaven, eating the freshest of seafood and soft summer rolls, while looking out over the calm, crystal clear waters of the East Vietnam Sea.


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  1. Ma

    Not terribly cold here, but wet n windy so pics of you on the beach make me a bit jellibags! Looks stunning, and those viber pics of NZ look fab too. Big day on Friday, we will miss you xxx

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