Brothels and beards in Nha Trang

Ah Nha Trang. Russia’s answer to the Costa Del Sol. Beautiful? No. Fun? Definitely. We spent four days lazing in the sun, waddling between eateries and discussing which bar to hit first for happy hour. Elliot was on a photographic hiatus (this was not the most inspiring of locations) so we captured most events during this time on our camera phones.

Our preferred spot during this laze-a-thon was a lounger by the pool at the Louisaine Brewhouse, sipping Passion Fruit Beer or next door at the Sailing Club where the food was immense and ridiculously cheap.


For some obscure reason (something about tanning his chin?), Elliot decided to wet shave for the first time in ten years which served to accentuate his ordinarily hidden feminine features (pouty lips, long eyelashes, a slight flush to the cheeks) resulting in his new nickname, Agnes.


Having rid himself of his beard, he decided his unwieldy mop could also do with a trim. When we finally found a salon on a street corner, the stylist seemed bewildered that someone might actually entered the establishment to get their hair cut. It was only after witnessing a several old men disappearing into the backroom that we realised the hairdresser was probably used to offering more than a cut and blow dry. At one point she even handed Loo the scissors and suggested she might do a better job.


Our evenings were spent unearthing bars with the cheapest drinks and we somehow managed to make a few new friends along the way.


After one such night of revelry, Lucy spent half an hour on the beach attempting to climb onto an aquatic jungle gym in her clothes. We were soon rumbled by a security guard who, upon being told of the importance of capturing her ascent onto the blow up banana, gave us five minutes to complete the photo shoot. Mission accomplished…


On our final day, we took the longest oversea cable car in the world to Vinpearl Land – a sprawling complex of shops, restaurants, water slides and five star accommodation, all located on an island in the middle of the bay. The water park itself was brilliant but we left on a sad note, having spotted a troupe of depressed looking monkeys performing circus tricks for the punters.