Goodbye Russia


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  1. tal

    loved this loo & el!!!
    smiled the whole way through!

  2. Ma

    So entertaining darlings, better than anything on TV . Brill to have the great music, also Russia just looks like I imagined with all the industrial wastelands but surprises of great gems of beauty nestled in there. Loved it, and like Liz, watched a million times xxxx

  3. Lizzer

    Love the vid! Looks un. Have watched it 5 times already. Miss you xx

  4. Ems and the Maise

    This video is so amazing!! You guys are so clever! Obsessed well done. Love you miss you. Xxxx

  5. Auntie Maur

    Hi there was just watching your video of Russia.
    Looks amazing!
    Hope you are having a lovely time!
    Love maur

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