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Sunrise over Ha Long Bay

At 5am we stepped sleepily out of our cabin to watch the sunrise over Ha Long Bay. Only one other couple was on deck and the silence was almost complete. It might even have been romantic had it not been for Elliot’s frantic gesturing to position Loo in the right spot for a photo, to which she was less than compliant given the hour. Regardless, it was well worth the early start. Just as we turned to head back inside, we were greeted by a huge stingray who rose from the depths and then slid silently below, creating barely a ripple.


During the night, a strong gust of wind had carried a pair of shorts and pants left to dry on the windowsill to their soggy end, which wouldn’t have been such an issue if we’d had more than one other outfit for the next two days.


Sans pants, we arrived at Titop Island just after breakfast and climbed 340 steps up a cliff to a stunning, panoramic view of the bay.


Back down on the beach we were given an hour’s free time…yippee! Jellyfish Man had gone off the idea of swimming and offered to watch the bags while we attempted to get some “aerial shots” with the Go-Pro by throwing it over our heads in the less-than-refreshing waters.



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  1. Ma

    These last two clips have left me feeling dizzy! Lovely pics and well worth the wait to see them. Love you xxx

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